Be a deTeXtive

Self-handicapping can be quite productive on those non-urgent things. Recently, I noticed a LaTeX template, Awesome CV, so I was thinking trying it to replace Modern CV, which has accompanied me for around three years.

Migrating from Medium to Blogdown

After struggling for a while, I decided to move from Medium and switch to blogdown. While Medium is a beautiful platform for blogging, its philosophy seems to fit less well when there are more than articles to host.

Piping a file list for another shell command

Being a student again takes a longer while than I expected to get used to, which gives me a long hiatus in my posting, but also puts me in a different and stimulating environment.

Appending a string before the URL of a current tab

In my field, many of the literatures are behind the paywall. Though my institute get subscription for most of them, I am sometimes not in the lab when I need to check something.