Why are there rectangles in my plots with Seurat v3.2.x?

If you updated Seurat recently, you might find your FeaturePlot() and DimPlot() giving plots that look pixelated instead of the circular dots we are used to. Don’t panic, this is because in a recent update, raster = TRUE becomes default for FeaturePlot() and DimPlot() when your dataset contains more than 50,000 cells.

Compiling with libxml in MacOS Catalina

The problem When compiling Emacs 28.05, make bootstrap failed with fatal error: 'libxml/tree.h' file not found while and configure were successfully executed. Troubleshooting The error message pointed out the culprit, libxml.

Lost in reference

I have an evergrowing pile of unread but interesting paper in my download folder. With the size growing from several hundred MB to more than 2 GB, it is becoming hard to find a pdf file when I really need it.