Be a deTeXtive

Self-handicapping can be quite productive on those non-urgent things. Recently, I noticed a LaTeX template, Awesome CV, so I was thinking trying it to replace Modern CV, which has accompanied me for around three years. I soon realized that I am pretty bad at LaTeX, and customization requires certain level of fluency on that language. As a result, I struggled quite a bit with it. Support for a publication list Awesome CV has a louder design than Modern CV.

Migrating from Medium to Blogdown

After struggling for a while, I decided to move from Medium and switch to blogdown. While Medium is a beautiful platform for blogging, its philosophy seems to fit less well when there are more than articles to host. I came to realize that my expectation for a blog is not only to keep notes, but also to demonstrate projects and provide a brief biography. In short, I wanted a website instead of a blog, and blogdown seems to provide an appropriate amount of versatility.

Piping a file list for another shell command

Being a student again takes a longer while than I expected to get used to, which gives me a long hiatus in my posting, but also puts me in a different and stimulating environment. This post was inspired by a question from my colleague, who want to first find some file entries and then merge them into a file, so the initial attempt was: # There are 6 files in my example directory > ls 1.

Appending a string before the URL of a current tab

In my field, many of the literatures are behind the paywall. Though my institute get subscription for most of them, I am sometimes not in the lab when I need to check something. In such cases, usually VPN services could save my day, but I usually get impatient when VPN is connecting. Luckily, my school also provide an alternative to use library proxy to access those papers. It works by prepending the link of the paper with http://proxy.