Random thoughts

A shady “call for paper” e-mail

I received a “call for paper” e-mail today. The publisher claimed they became interested in my work in a conference I just attended, and they also wrote if I am interested in being a member of the editorial board, I could send my CV back. The message is quite encouraging, except that I did not present a poster nor give a talk on that event, and I am no major author of any publication.

Wandering into next-generation seqeuncing

No Longer That “Next” Generation When I was doing my undergraduate project, microarray was like black magic that turned the labyrinth of gene expression into colorful heatmap and brought your paper into top-notch journals. Several years later, when I came back from my clinical internship to life science, I was overwhelmed. Microarray became as common as microwave, and people started using next-generation sequencing to check everything. It’s like every single word I’ve learned in class now has to be followed by -seq.