psutil, python, and icc

I used to dislike dependency management because there are so many things that require root or are mysteriously incompatible with each other. However, I recently came to realize that the existence of dependency itself is a delicate and elegant system despite being messy at times. The recent occasion that reminded me the beauty of dependency was to install psutil on an HPC. It ran CentOS 7, and I had Python 3.

Remote connection to Jupyter Notebook

Recently, I analyzed a few single cell RNA-seq datasets and experimented with several new tools from recent publication. While it was fun, most datasets were just too large for my poor laptop to process, and I relied a lot on our server. I have to admit I am not too good an analyst and am spoiled by the freedom interpreted languages provided — to try and error line by line. However, this freedom would be gone if I have to do run my analysis like Rscript my-analysis.