Appending a string before the URL of a current tab

In my field, many of the literatures are behind the paywall. Though my institute get subscription for most of them, I am sometimes not in the lab when I need to check something.

In such cases, usually VPN services could save my day, but I usually get impatient when VPN is connecting.

Luckily, my school also provide an alternative to use library proxy to access those papers. It works by prepending the link of the paper with This works quite well for me except for the fact that I need to either type or copy-paste this prefix every time.

I am lazy, so I googled and learned using Javascript in a bookmark could prepend the URL of current tab (actually, windown) with any string, and here’s the magic I need:

javascript:window.location.href='[The thing you want to append]'+window.location.href
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